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Chapter 13 Review Questions

Chapter 13 Review Questions - 3 semantic = words put...

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Chapter 13 Review Questions 1. three differences also LO1; self report, psychological, observed, don’t forget definitions and examples 2. example of this is in the text, it’s a type of self report, strongly disagree to disagree; 5-7 points, series of questions (composite measure), bounded, add the measures can be weighed or summation (usually the case)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. semantic = words; put attitudes at the ends (page 285)goes by categories to rate service “good” “fair”, add them up 4. sorta talked about 5. between two extremes u mark where you feel, cannot easily change to a mathematical 6. when u ask the question you change the question so the scale measure is in the opposite position...
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