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Chapter 14 questions

Chapter 14 questions - from past 6 only necessary ask with...

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Chapter 14 questions 1. Not on test 2. sensitive question information; ask two questions; projection technique (among ur friends what % dye their hair) 3. what are the methods of administration; mail telephone personal internet, impersonal should not ask open ended questions no immediate feedback, need to be more structured in some cus u cannot provide further clarification 4. Not on test 5. telescoping error- remembering something happening closer than when it actually did, near time memory is better than the past, can remember somethings clearly
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Unformatted text preview: from past 6. only necessary, ask with care, take into account the privacy and security of the person; list the different types 7. Not on test:multi-multiple answers, sont ask two questions in one, have all of the possible answers and they are all mutually exclusive 8. no 9. no 10. general, specific, classification move to the rear 11. not on test 12. might be on it 13. 14. 15. who should be observed, what aspects should be reported, where should the ob be made, when should obc be made 16....
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