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Chapter 3 - Piracy Counterfeiting and Industrial Spying...

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Chapter 3: Ethics and Social Responsibility Ethics - the study of morality and standards of conduct Japan - Japan and its treatment of women and equal opportunity for minorities - Japanese lobbyists - Women are only hired for secretarial positions Ethics in Europe - Germany and France are more worried about the company than the employee The Status of Women in Europe - France- making strides in management ranks but not in corporate management; guarantees equal treatment and professional opportunities; unions won’t fight their cases though and the guarantees are very weak - Germany- opportunities for women managers remain limited and not likely to improve significantly in the near future - Great Britain- fair work environment for the most part, most management positions are in lower end levels but that is changing rapidly
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Unformatted text preview: Piracy, Counterfeiting and Industrial Spying Problems of China-China does little to enforce piracy rules -Loopholes-Pirating of music and films-Leaving joint ventures with the other company’s patents and copyrights or opening another company to be in direct competition with their former partner-Stealing trade secrets Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-the actions of a firm to benefit society beyond the requirements of the law and the direct interests of the firm Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)-private, non profit orgs that seek to serve society’s interests by focusing on political, social, and economic issues. Corporate Governance- the system by which business corporations are directed and controlled...
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