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Chapter 16 Review Questions

Chapter 16 Review Questions - previous study...

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Chapter 16 Review Questions 1. How much of a confidence level you want (90 or 95%), how precise you want to be (Income plus or minus $2,000), amount of variation Income between (20,000- 150,000). 3. Have to give formula in the box and what everything represents 4. If you H is larger (relaxed precision) than H2 will be larger 5. estimate the mean on the population (hard to do ) need to proceed; pilot study,
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Unformatted text preview: previous study, judgement (conservative is .5) (.03) 6. pilot study, previous study, judgement and published estimates variance using rating scales 7. that way gives you half below half above soooo .5. 50/50 is your best guess 8. major constraints: time and money basically which option is feasible on ur constraints, which is most important to you 9. most likely faced with a question...
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