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1. Introduction - CSCI 1020 Fundamentals of Programming...

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Unformatted text preview: CSCI 1020 Fundamentals of Programming Mark Green Faculty of Science UOIT Introduction An introduction to programming and computer science Use C and C++ as the programming languages Assume no previous experience with programming By the end of the course you will be able to write small programs and modify programs C and C++ Two related programming language, C++ built on top of C For large scale main stream programming C++ is the standard language C is still used for many applications: Small programs that don't need the extra features of C++ Small devices and machine level programming C and C++ Start with C, cover the common features of the two languages Then add some of the extra features of C+ +: Use of classes Defining our own classes Introduction to object oriented programming Why not Java? Java is more of a niche language, not as broad as C and C++ C and C++ required for the Computational Science minor and some of the advanced level CS courses Java isn't a particularly good language for the first programming course Approach Learning to program is like learning a new language, you must spend time practicing, you can't learn it by reading a book You should spend some time programming each week, try what we discuss in class The tutorials will involve programming, so remember to bring you laptop! Development Environment We will be using the Bloodshed Software Dev-C++ software development environment free software Based on the GNU GCC compiler, same as used on Linux Can be used to develop standard C/C++ programs and Windows based programs (we won't discuss this) Evaluation The final grade will be determined in the following way: Tutorial Assignments Assignments Midterm Exam Final Exam Total 24% 30% 16% 30% 100% Tutorial Assignments Each tutorial will have a small assignment related to the tutorial topic Should be possible to complete within the tutorial, must be submitted within 24 hours Graded out of 2: 0 nothing submitted, or not relevant 1 good try, some of the work complete 2 most of the work complete, know what's going on Topics Introduction to computers and programming Basic programming concepts the first program Procedures and functions part I Procedures and functions part II Basic Input and Output Topics Arrays and strings Structures and Classes Separate Compilation Advanced flow control Object oriented programming Pointers and memory allocation ...
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