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English 105 Mina Brunyate The Ancient land of Mesopotamia The Fertile Crescent is described as a region between two rivers with the western part being the Syrian coast of the Mediterranean connecting the area to Egypt. At the North and the East are the Zagros Mountains and in the south is the Arabian Desert. The region includes Sumer and Akkad which reaches from Baghdad to the Persian Gulf. It is believed the area was once much smaller, but changes in the two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, shrank the size of the land. () The Sumerians lived in the Fertile Crescent, along the Tigris and the Euphrates, so called because the rivers provided rich nutrients for their crops, yet they also produced floods that were unruly and unpredictable. Though potentially a source of life and renewal, the rivers were often the source of destruction. The Sumerians built their homes out of sun dried brick which could not hold up to the severe floods. (24) The Sumerians used irrigation systems to provide water for the parts of land that were farther away from the rivers and did not grow crops as well. Dikes and canals were also constructed to attempt to control the river. (20) The Euphrates and the Tigris had a much stronger current than the Nile, and would periodically flood followed by a period of drought. The Sumerians had no way of really predicting what would happen, and crops suffered because of the extreme conditions. 1
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changes to meso - 1 Lizzie Murdter English 105 Mina...

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