NitricAcid - Michael Glamore Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's...

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Michael Glamore March 14, 2006 Equilibrium and Le Chatelier’s Principle Britany Held
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Purpose: This laboratory experiment is able to test a student’s knowledge of stoichiometry and promote a general understanding of the Le Chatlier’s Principle. The general operations of the lab proceed four different parts, each with their own specific methods and problems. The majority of the lab is simply following directions with little actual thinking or consideration but the lab report requires students to take additional steps in calculation. Formulas needed for experimentation: (Pressure)(Volume) = (Number of Moles)(Universal Gas Constant)(Temperature) *Note: If units are atm, L, mol, and K respectively, then Universal Gas Constant is equal to .08206 P total = P water + P Nitrogen Observations: 1) After assembling the flask apparatus, ring stands, and stoppers with tubing the mechanism provided is a unique and interesting way to obtain the volume of a gas. Most importantly, all air bubbles must be removed from the tubing connecting the water flask and empty flask. Without the removal of these bubbles, the true volume of the gas would not be able to be calculated with water alone.
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This lab report was uploaded on 09/18/2007 for the course CHEM 2080 taught by Professor Davis,f during the Spring '07 term at Cornell.

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NitricAcid - Michael Glamore Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's...

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