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Organization ID Organization Name Address ORG-1072 Florida Science Organization 5018 Northport Way ORG-1123 Florida Justice Foundation 234 W Flamingo  Street ORG-1134 Foundation for Florida Cities 211 West Palm Drive ORG-1146 City of Palms Health Center 1458  Golden Sands Ave ORG-1157 Sea Turtle Protection Agency 1502 Ocean Surf Drive ORG-1158 USDA Science Advancement Center 1551 Sunset Circle ORG-1177 Florida Marine Life Foundation 167 Ocean Palms Place ORG-1180 Tampa Institute for Medical Research 2180 Bay View Drive ORG-1211 Art and Culture Foundation of Tampa 2209 Sunset Way ORG-1222 Eleanor Raible Corporation 2235 East 32nd Street ORG-1223 Community Partners of Florida 7711 E Fremont Ave ORG-1234 Port Foundation of Tampa 2310 E Sand Point ORG-1265 Southern Center for Educational Excellence 6511 N Grimes Ave, #320 ORG-1516 Social Action Institute of Florida 1923 South Cove Way
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Unformatted text preview: ORG-1527 St. Petersburg Library Foundation 1571 Cocoa Palms Drive City State ZIP Contact Name Contact Phone Apollo Beach FL 33572 Lucy Morris (813) 555-0987 Tampa FL 33610 Sean Opitz (813) 555-0095 St. Petersburg FL 33708 Laura Cheung (813) 555-0246 Fort Meyers FL 34203 Samantha Cress (813) 555-0334 Clearwater FL 33769 Amanda Gomez (813) 555-0223 Cape Coral FL 33915 Anna Pratt (813) 555-0689 Cocoa Beach FL 32931 Tim Wyatt (813) 555-0096 Tampa FL 33622 Josh Nickerson (813) 555-0135 Tampa FL 33621 Amelia Cordoza (813) 555-0445 Tampa FL 33610 Blake Anderson (813) 555-0786 Altamonte Springs FL 32701 Suzy Wong (813) 555-0124 Tampa FL 33612 Aaron Rabern (813) 555-0458 Apollo Beach FL 33572 Ryan Peterson (813) 555-0889 St. Petersburg FL 33708 Jason Green (813) 555-0198 St. Petersburg FL 33709 Caitlin Wilson (813) 555-0112...
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  • Business, Lee County, Florida, Tampa St. Petersburg Fort Meyers Clearwater Cape Coral Cocoa Beach Tampa Tampa Tampa Altamonte Springs Tampa Apollo Beach St. Petersburg St. Petersburg, FL FL FL

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