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Paley Park-project1 - city noise to fade away The walls are...

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Christian Bohrt Paley Park, New York Zion and Breen Completed in 1967, Paley Park is celebrated as one of the smallest urban parks, and a perfect example of a successful privately owned public space in New York City. Zion and Breen Associates created the design of this 4200 square foot space for the William S. Paley Foundation. The park’s 20-foot cascading waterfall, running at 1800 gallons per minute, creates a backdrop of sound that causes the
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Unformatted text preview: city noise to fade away. The walls are covered with dense, green ivy and 17 honey locust trees. The park's wire mesh chairs and tables help to make it a popular relaxing spot. Paley Park has an intimate relation with the street, low steps and trees that canopy the sidewalk often influence passer-by to stroll through the park on impulse....
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