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Christian Bohrt M u s e u m f o r D e c o r a t i v e A r t s - R i c h a r d M e i e r The Museum of Decorative Arts in Frankfurt, also knows as Frank- furt Museum of Applied Arts - Kunsthandwerk Museum, is one of Mei- er’s seminal buildings as he perfected his use of disjuncture in a non- domestic setting and out of his own country. Meier was a member of the "New York Five", famous for purist white neo-Corbusian architec- ture. Frankfurt's Museum of Decorative Arts, though situated in a park-like setting reminiscent of the pastoral context of most of Meier's earlier American works, necessitated a "wedding" with the 19th-century Villa Metzler, which formerly housed the museum's collections. Similarly, in joining a new Museum of Decorative Arts to Frankfurt's Villa Metzler, Meier took over the cubic proportions of the original structure, along with the cornice line. Such details represent neither quotation nor paraphrase but a kind of formalist entente cordiale that is nonetheless stringently phrased in the architect's own unmistakable
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mus4dera-arts - Christian Bohrt Museum-Richard for...

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