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Muscle Origin Insertion Masseter Zygomatic Arch Lateral Surface of Ramus of Mandible Orbicularis Oculi Medial Margin of Orbit Skin around Eyelids Orbicularis Oris Maxilla and Mandible Lips Zygomatic Major Near Zygomatic Bone Corner of Mouth Sternocleidomastoid Manubrium and Sternal End of Clavicle Mastoid Process Pectoralis Major Rectus Abdominus Superior Surface of Pubis External Oblique Lower Eight Ribs Linea Alba and Iliac Crest Biceps Brachii Radial Tuberosity Triceps Brachii Olecranon Process of Ulna Palmaris Longus Medial Epicondyle of Humerus Palmer Aponeurosis and Flexor Retinaculum Extensor Digitorum Lateral Epicondyle of Humerus Posterior Sufaces of Phalanges (2-5) Gluteus Maximus Iliotibial Tract and Gluteal Tuberosity Tensor Fasciae Latae Iliotibial Tract Adductor Longus Inferior Ramus of Pubis Linear Aspera Gracilis Inferior Ramus of Pubis Biceps Femoris Ischial Tuberosity and Linea Aspera Head of Fibula Lateral Condyle of Tibia Semimembranosus Ischial Tuberosity Posterior Surface of Medial Condyle
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