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BME 525 Advanced Biomedical Imaging Instructor: Manbir Singh Ph.D. Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering DRB-163 213 740-0837 SYLLABUS BME 525: Advanced Biomedical Imaging, Spring 2008 Each week represents three hours of lecture. WK 1: - Overview of Imaging Modalities I X-ray computed tomography, nuclear medical imaging, SPECT and PET. WK 2: - Overview of Imaging Modalities II Ultrasound Imaging, magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy WK 3: - Wrap-up of Overview - Detailed Discussion of X-ray CT Principles of computed tomography, linear and angular sampling, sampling frequency. X-ray sources, radiation detectors, first to fifth generation CT scanners, beam hardening artifacts, spiral CT. Image reconstruction techniques, simple backprojection, iterative algorithms, Fourier and Direct reconstruction algorithms WK 4: - Continuation of CT (Image Reconstruction techniques) - Discussion of homework to simulate a direct CT reconstruction algorithm. WK 5: - Student Presentation of Homework in CT
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- Introduction to Nuclear Medical Imaging Radioactive tags of biochemical function, scintillation detectors, basics of collimation, scintillation cameras. WK 6:
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Syllabus_BME_525_2008 - BME 525 Advanced Biomedical Imaging...

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