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ch 7 hw - 3600 PA 1 req 1 a bad debt expense e-se 1550.5...

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Mitchell Stefani E1) a) dr. bad debt expense (+e,-se) 9750 cr. Allownace for doubtful acc. (+xa, -a) 9750 b) dr. allowance for doubful acc (-xa,+a) 1000 cr. Acc. Rec. (-a) 1000 E3) a) allowance for doubtful acc. (-xa, +a) 300 acc rec (-a) 300 b) cash (+a) 300 acc rec (-a) 300 c) bad debt expense (+e,-se) 3600 allowance for doubtful acc (+xa,-a)
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Unformatted text preview: 3600 PA 1 req. 1) a) bad debt expense (+e,-se) 1550.5 allowance for doubtful acc (+xa,-a) 1550.5 2) bad debt exp. (+e,-se) 253 allowance for doubtful acc (+xa,-a) 253 3) allowance for doubtful acc (-xa, +a) 10 acc rec (-a) 10 4) allowance for doubtful acc (-xa,+a) 10 acc rec (-a) 10...
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