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HW1 - 3 Generate and show sinogram 4 Generate and show...

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Home Work 1 BME 525, Spring 2008. Manbir Singh Simulation of CT Reconstruction 1. Make a phantom. Final results with 255x255 but may use 63x63 to decode. (odd matrix size might help. Phantom must have several hot and cold regions and should not be symmetric. You may use the standard Shepp and Logan phantom if you wish. Show image in class. 2. Generate forward projection data to simulate what a CT scanner would have acquired. Use high density of ray-sums to generate initial data (e.g., 1024x1024) but then smooth it to conform to your phantom resolution (e.g., 255x255). Show some examples of projection data in class.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Generate and show sinogram. 4. Generate and show simple backprojection image. 5. Apply appropriate filter. Show filtered sinogram. 6. Generate and show filtered backprojection image. 7. Evaluate quantitatively your reconstructed image with respect to original phantom. 8. OPTIONAL Add noise to phantom data conforming to SNR of 10 and repeat above steps with noisy data. 9. Submit report with your code and above images. 10. Make 5-6 min power-point oral presentation of your report in class on Feb 22, 2008....
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