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12-10 - 60000 inflow services rendered 40000 outflow...

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Income Statement for the year ended december 31 2005 Revenue 40000 Expenses 19300 Net Income 20700 Capital Statement for the year ended december 31 2005 Beginning cap balance 0 plus:investment by owners 60000 plus: net income 20700 Less: withdrawal by owners 5000 Ending Capital balance 75700 Balance Sheet as of december 31 2005 assets cash 75700 equity Pruitt, Mark 75700 Cash Flows for the year ended december 31, 2005 inflow: contributed capital
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Unformatted text preview: 60000 inflow: services rendered 40000 outflow: expenses 19300 outflow: withdrawl by owner 5000 11.15 a. b. 600000 shares outstanding with a 5 dollar par value c. None of Coe Corporations books are affected except for the nu outstanding stocks that they have currently listed The market value of the stock will probably be a little more than per share umber of 90 dollars...
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