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Mutual Fund Growth Purpose: After shifting through many mutual funds, I have gathered the ten best investments and compilied them into an easy to read data sheet to show what returns could be expected after just ten years. Source: Most of the data came from an independent invester who has personally watched the funds grow over the life of ten years and has supplied data according to their growth and risk level. Meaning: This workbook will be used to show how well mutual funds can grow over ten years. I will also show what $2,000 dollars would net if invested. Analysis: I conclude that certain mutual funds can make a substantial amount of money and would be a great investment for a college student. http://home.att.net/~larvaluebug/archinvest2-05.html
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Unformatted text preview: ies/2006/moneymag/0612/gall ery.outrageous.fees/images/m utual_funds.jpg Mutual Funds Growth and Yeild Over Ten Years 10-Yr. Fund Symbol Compound Historical Risk Level Annual Return Vanguard Health Care Fund Inv. VGHCX 20.16% Average to High Legg Mason Value Trust LMVTX 18.58% Average to High Muhlenkamp Fund MUHLX 18.28% Average to High Weitz Partners Value Fund WPVLX 18.04% Low Mairs and Power Growth Fund MPGFX 18.03% Low Royce Low Priced Stock Fund RYLPX 17.63% Average to High Excelsior Value and Restructuring UMBIX 17.43% Average to High Neuberger Berman Genesis Trust NBGEX 17.10% Low to Very Low Columbia Small Cap Fund SMCEX 17.00% Low to Average Ariel Appreciation Fund CAAPX 16.15% Low to Average...
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  • Mutual fund growth, Neuberger Berman Genesis Trust NBGEX Columbia Small Cap Fund Ariel Appreciation Fund SMCEX CAAPX

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Exel - ies/2006/moneymag/0612/gall...

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