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Chapter 5 - Assignment 3 - Easily Lack of Secrecy...

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Types of Business Ownership - Tim Thyne - Business 100 - Chapter 5 - Assignment 3 Who Owns? Advantages Disadvantages Cost of Sart-up Sole Proprietor One owner Easy to start. Unlimited liability Cheapest Pride of ownership Lack of Continuity No minimum capital req. Retention of all profits Lack of money Flexibility Limited skills Tax only once Difficulty for Growth Partnership Two or more owners Easy Start-up Unlimited Liability Similar to Sole Prop. More Capital Available Lack of Continuity Combined Capital Profits are partners' Dissagreements individual income. Combined Skills Frozen Investment Tax Advantages Corperation Stockholders Limited Liability Difficult to form Very Expensive Stockholders Raise Expensive start-up Attorney Fees Capital Government Regulation Charter Fees Ownership Transferred Double Taxation Registration Costs
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Unformatted text preview: Easily Lack of Secrecy Organizational Costs Life Oulasts Founder Specialized Management S-company Up to 75 Stockholders Taxed as if Partnership Only 75 Stockholders Similar to Corperation Combined Capital Domestic Corps. Only Limited Liability Only One Stock Class Avoid Double Taxation LLC Many Stockholders Limited Liability Difficult to Form Similar to Corporation Sole Proprietor Taxed as if Partnership or Government Regulation Partnership Sole Proprietor Lack of Secrecy Avoid Double Taxation Personal Asset Protection Flexible Ownership MLP Many Stockholders Taxed as if Partnership Expensive Start-up Similar to Corperation Sole Proprietor Shares Traded on Government Regulation Exchange Partnership Avoid Double Taxation Difficult to form...
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  • Spring '08
  • Corporation, Limited partnership, Limited liability partnership, Avoid Double Taxation, Stockholders Sole Proprietor Partnership

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