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Tim Thyne Intro to Business - Chapter 12 - Marketing (cont'd) 1. 1. Wants, needs 2. 2. Time 3. A company's production function creates _____ utility. 3. Form 4. 4. Place 5. 5. Ownership 6. 6. Satisfaction 7. 7. Concept 8. Marketplace success begins with the ________. 8. Customer 9. 9. Backward 10. 10. Sellers 11. 11. Buyers 12. 12. Value The ability of a good or service to satisfy the ______ and ______ of customers is called Utility. _____ Utility is created by making a good or service abailable when customers want to purchase it. _____ Utility is created by making a product abailable in a location convenient for customers. _______ Utility refers to an orderly transfer of goods and services from
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Unformatted text preview: the seller to the buyer. Companies emphasize customer _________ and building long-term relationships with customers. A Marketing __________ refers to a companywide customer orientation with the objective of achieving long-run success. A firm should analyze each customer's needs and then work ________ to offer products that fulfill them A market with a shortage of goods and services is called a _______ market. A market with an abundance of goods and services is called a _______ market. Customers today want _____, their perception that the quality of goods or services is in balance with the price charged....
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