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Tim Thyne Intro to Music - Tone Row music 1. A song that is centered around one key is called _____. 1. atonal 2. When all tonalities are available at any given time, it is called _____. 2. pantonal 3. Tone Row music uses all 12 pitches of the _________ scale 3. chromatic 4. The basic row is determined ______ the composition. 4. before 5. Pitches are always presented in the ______ order. 5. same 6. Tone Row music was invented by Arnold Shoenburg 6. Shoenburg 7. 7. Original 8. 8. interval 9. This word is German for "manufactured tone color melody".
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Klangfarbenmelody 10. Aleatory music is also called ______ music. 10. chance 11. Microtones are intervals that are closer than one ____ step. 11. half 12. 12. Eclecticism The Tone Rows could be played 4 different ways: ______, Retrograde, Inversion, and Retrograde-Inversion Retrograde-Inversion is where the tone row is played in reverse ______ direction and in reverse order. When composers combine several different styles into one piece, it is called _______....
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