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Consulting Project - Description _Mottur-f08_

Consulting Project - Description _Mottur-f08_ - MG422...

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MG422 CONSULTING PROJECT Fall 2008 PROJECT OVERVIEW Mottur GENERAL DESCRIPTION The MG422 Consulting Project involves a comprehensive strategic analysis of a public company and its industry, which will culminate with a Presentation and Executive Summary in which your Consulting Team will identify the central Strategic Issues facing your client’s firm and will make recommendations to the client on how to best address those issues. The Consulting Presentation and Executive Summary will be the only graded deliverables; however, we will ask each consulting team submit intermediate reports (deliverables) along the way. In addition to serving as a member of a Consulting Team, each member of the class will serve as a member of Board of Directors for another team’s project. Each Consulting Team will receive feedback on each of its deliverables from the faculty member and each member of its Board of Directors. In undertaking this analysis, identifying key issues, and providing recommendations, MG422 Strategy frameworks will, of course, be of central importance. The Consulting Presentations and Executive Summary will be judged on the quality of their analysis (i.e, their application of course frameworks) and on the soundness of the business logic by which they identify key issues and propose solutions that draw on course frameworks. MILESTONES & DELIVERABLES DURING THE SEMESTER The Consulting Project schedule will be decomposed into a series of milestones, some of which involve deliverables. The due dates of these milestones and deliverables may vary across sections of MG422: Consulting Teams formed & Board of Directors for each Consulting Team assigned Teams provide instructor with list of top 5 preferred organizations for project o choose potential clients from the set of companies traded on a US exchange for which you can readily identify 3-5 rivals also listed on a US exchange
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