ASTR 1110 book summary - ch.3.3

ASTR 1110 book summary - ch.3.3 - Astronomy Book Notes 3.3...

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Astronomy – Book Notes 3.3 The Copernican Revolution - Nicholas Copernicus began the work that, ultimately, overturned the Earth-centered Ptolemaic model. o New ideas introduced– changed the way we perceive our place in the universe. o This dramatic change, known as the Copernican revolution , spurred the development of virtually all modern science and technology. Copernican Revolution: The dramatic change, initiated by Copernicus, that occurred when we learned that Earth is a planet orbiting the Sun rather than the center of the universe. - Three key individuals –Nicholas Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, and Johannes Kepler – challenged idea of Earth-centered universe. - Copernicus o Adopted Aristarchus’s Sun-centered idea o Sun-centered system offered much simpler explanation for apparent retrograde motion o discovered simple geometric relationships that allowed him to calculate each planet;s orbital period around the Sun and its relative distance from the Sun in terms of the Earth-Sun distance. o His complete model – was no more accurate and no less complex than the Ptolemaic model - Tycho o Compiled careful observations of stellar and planetary positions in the sky, in order to improve the state of astronomical prediction. o Over three decades, compiled naked-eye observations accurate to 1 arcminute. o Never succeeded in developing explanation for planetary motion o Convinced that the planets must orbit the Sun – but his inability to detect stellar parallax led him to conclude that Earth must remain stationary. o
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ASTR 1110 book summary - ch.3.3 - Astronomy Book Notes 3.3...

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