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ASTR 1110 book summary - ch.4.4

ASTR 1110 book summary - ch.4.4 - Astronomy Book Notes 4.4...

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Astronomy – Book Notes 4.4 The Universal Law of Gravitation - Newton’s Three Laws of Motion – describe how objects in the universe move in response to forces. What Determines the Strength of Gravity - Newton – Universal Law of Gravitation: o Every mass attracts every other mass through the force called gravity o Strength of gravitational force attracting two objects is directly proportional to the product of their masses. Doubling mass of one object doubles force of gravity between the two objects o Strength of gravity between two objects decreases with the square of the distance between their centers. Gravitational force follows an inverse square law with distance. Doubling distance weakens force of gravity by a factor of 4. o Mathematically: (force of gravitational attraction) = (Gravitational Constant)[[(mass of object 1)x(Mass of object 2)]/(distance between their centers – squared)] How does Newton’s Law of Gravity extend Kepler’s Laws?
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