ph and buffers

ph and buffers - red Phenolpthalein clear pink clear pink...

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HC2H3O2 C2H3O2 H3PO4 H2PO4 Thymol Blue orange yellow/green red yellow Bromphenol Blue yellow blue yellow purple Bromcresol Green yellow blue orange green Bromcresol Purple yellow purple yellow orange Bromthymol Blue yellow blue yellow yellow Cresol Red yellow red orange yellow Phenolpthalein clear clear clear clear pH range using Indicator 2 to 2.8 7 to 8 1 to 2 4 to 5 pH Meter 2.15 7.35 2.21 4.15 pH Calculation NH3 NH4 NH4Ac Unk# 1/102 Thymol Blue yellow blue yellow green Bromphenol Blue blue blue purple purple Bromcresol Green blue green blue blue Bromcresol Purple purple purple purple purple Bromthymol Blue green blue green blue Cresol Red yellow purple orange
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Unformatted text preview: red Phenolpthalein clear pink clear pink pH range using Indicator 6 to 7.6 8.2-10 6 to 8.8 8.2 to 9.6 pH Meter 5.78 10.31 6.75 8.34 pH Calculation Indicator Used Phenolpthalein Color 6 clear 6.4 clear 6.8 clear 7.2 clear 7.6 clear 8 clear 8.4 pink 8.8 pink Unk color= pink pH= 8.2-9 Aqueous Sample color= clear pH= 0-8.2 HPO4 PO4 green/blue blue blue purple blue blue purple purple blue blue red violet pink pink 8 to 9 10 to 12 8.71 11.61 Sample(water) yellow blue blue purple green orange clear 7 to 8 6.99...
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course ORGO 320 taught by Professor Chong during the Spring '08 term at RIT.

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ph and buffers - red Phenolpthalein clear pink clear pink...

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