p43 1-8B - Net cash provided by operating activities 986...

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20X5 20X4 Statement of Income (In Thousands) Revenues 13186 $15,487 Costs of goods sold 11,026 12822 Other exenses 1230 1,169 Income before income taxes 920 1,496 Income taxes (35% in 20X5) 322 100 Net Income 598 1396 Statement of Retained Earnings Beginning balance 4043 2,702 Net Income 598 1396 Dividends -65 -55 Ending Balance 4576 4043 Balance Sheet Assets: Cash 1421 1086 Property,plant, and equipment 1597 1750 Other assets 10198 10190 Total assets 13216 13026 Liabilities: Current Liabilities 5706 5403 Notes Payable and long term debt 2569 3138 Other liabilities 69 72 Total liabilities 8344 8613 Shareholder's Equity Common stock 117 118 Retained earnings 4576 4043 Other shareholder's equity 179 252 Total sharehoulders equity 4872 4413 Total liabilities and shareholder's equity 13216 13026 20X5 20X4 (In Thousands) Statement of Cash Flows
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Unformatted text preview: Net cash provided by operating activities 986 575 Net cash provided by investing activities 58 474 Net cash used for financing activities-709-1045 Increase (decrease) in cash 335 4 Cash at beginning of year 1086 1082 Cash at end of year 1421 1086 2a. Operations deteriorated revenues were down over 2000 and income was down 2b. a majority is being retained for use In the busniess 2c. 13216 2d. 20X4 liabilities 3138 20X5 liabilities 2569 other assets are increasing and other liabilities are decr 2e. The companys major source of cash is cash provided by operating activities and it is increasing. O reasing Operating activities are doing well why investing activities arent doing so well....
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p43 1-8B - Net cash provided by operating activities 986...

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