Partial budget for combine

Partial budget for combine - $2,640.00 Reduced revenue...

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Brett Heidema Partial Budge - John VanDoesma Buying a combine to harvest 160 acres Additional costs: Additional Revenue: Fixed costs Custom combining  $880.00 Depreciation  $1,491.67 (40 a. @ $22/acre) Interest $1,163.50 Insurance $8.00 Variable costs Labor $1,200.00 Reduced Costs: Maintenance $344.00 Custom combining (120 a. @ $22/acre
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Unformatted text preview: $2,640.00 Reduced revenue: Total costs $4,207.17 Total additionalrevenue and reduced costs $3,520.00 Net profit at 13% with labor-$687.17 Net profit at 13% without labor $272.83 Net profit at 9% with labor-$329.17 Net profit at 9% without labor $630.83...
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