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HOUSE CLEANING LIST - 4/18/08 - 2/24/08 JOB NAME S/M Th/F 1Clear and vacuum back hall 2 X Stephen Tamburello 2Clean laundry room and around mail box 2 X Brad Smith 3Clean hall showers 1 X Andrew Witt 4Clean hall bathroom sinks and mop floor 1 X Chuck Barret 5Clean hall bathroom toilets and urinal 1 X Will Minton 6Clean President's bathroom 1 X Justin Saknini 7Take hall bathroom trash out and clean patio 2 X Doug Abernathy 1Clean guest restroom 1 X David Elmer 2Vacuum handicap hallway, clean study room, dust 2 X
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Unformatted text preview: Drew Evans 3Vacuum living room, dust, and pick up trash 2 X Mack Henderlong 4Sweep foyer, pick up trash, and clean TV room 2 X Nathan Payne 5Sweep and mop chapter room 1 X Bobby Pruitt XXX 6Sweep and mop chapter room 1 X Caleb Bowman XXX 7Sweep front porch, steps, sidewalk, pick up trash 2 X Nick Gabig in yard Do the job by noon Friday. If you cannot do the job, get someone to swap with you. It is your responsibility to make sure the job is done....
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