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Miller, Robert - Things to Remember THINGS TO REMEMBER IN...

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Things to Remember Page 1 THINGS TO REMEMBER IN ADVISING 1. Entering freshmen and transfer students without an established GPA will be limited to 19 semester hours. 2. Students whose GPA is 1.95 or below are limited to 13 semester hours. 3. Students with a 2.0 to 2.99 GPA are limited to 19 semester hours. 4. Students with 3.0 to 4.0 may elect to take up to 24 semester hours. Students in this category must secure permission of their advisor and academic department head to schedule more than 19 semester hours. 5. During summer school, with the dean's approval, a student can take one course in addition to regular load provided his or her average for the immediately preceding semester was at least a 3.5. 6. Remember that concurrent enrollment in independent study, off-campus centers and other institutions will be considered part of the student's load, and must be approved by the dean before it may apply toward meeting degree requirements. These hours do not count in certifying full time or part time enrollment status for financial aid or other purposes. 7. A total of not more than 25% of any curriculum may be earned by advanced standing examinations, evaluated military credits, correspondence courses, tutorials, extension courses, and USAFI courses. 8. Not more than 20% of any curriculum can be earned by correspondence courses. 9. To graduate from MSU, the student must earn at least 32 semester hours in junior and senior subjects (3000 level or higher) from MSU. 10. Education students with an "A certificate" may obtain add-on certifications by taking 18 hours in a content area. These courses, if not specified as approved programs, should be selected from courses specified for the
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Miller, Robert - Things to Remember THINGS TO REMEMBER IN...

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