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annuity_calc(1) - The solution will be such that the cash...

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Berk/DeMarzo, Corporate Finance Annuity Spreadsheet 1 Instructions NPER RATE PV PMT FV Excel Formula Given 15 8.00% -20,000 0 Solve For FV 63,443 =FV(0.08,15,0,-20000) Date 0 1 2 15 PV (20,000) PMT 0 0 ... 0 FV 63,443 Cash Flow (20,000) 0 0 63,443 Enter 4 of the items NPER, RATE, PV, PMT, or FV in the shaded area below, and the annuity calculator will solve for the fifth item.
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Unformatted text preview: The solution will be such that the cash flows shown on line 14 have NPV = 0. Note that PV, PMT, and FV are initially set to round to the nearest dollar. To change this default, right click and select "Format Cells > Number > Decimal Places" and enter the desired precision....
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