COM 357 Speaker Evaluation

COM 357 Speaker Evaluation - Dan Budzyn COM 357 April 7th,...

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Dan Budzyn COM 357 April 7 th , 2008 M, W 2 -3:15 Speaker Evaluation On Wednesday, April 2 nd in the plachta auditorium, I attended a key note speaker, who would serve motivation throughout his speech. The speaker performance that I attended was baseball legend Jim Abbott. Jim was an excellent pitcher at the University of Michigan, in the Olympics, and in the Major Leagues. He won a gold medal and had pitched a no hitter. What makes his story so remarkable is that he accomplished all of this without the aid of a right hand. This is very significant in baseball because even if someone throws left handed, they still need their right hand to catch. Abbot was forced to throw and catch with the same hand and constantly had to prove himself on every level. Learning how to shift the baseball glove onto the same hand he threw with, in such a short amount of time pertains to one of his key points, and that was Adjustability. The audience at this even was very well rounded as far as age goes. There were Phi Sig’s from the fifties there that got to introduce and watch Abbott. A little boy got to go on stage with Jim. Throughout the audience grade school, high school and college students were represented as well as parents, grandparents and every age group you can think of. Another aspect of this audience is that it was mostly, if not entirely white. Reactions to this event were largely the same as well.
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COM 357 Speaker Evaluation - Dan Budzyn COM 357 April 7th,...

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