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250_Hwk_Chapter_3C - ACCT 250 HOMEWORK CHAPTER 3C E3-44 It...

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ACCT 250 HOMEWORK CHAPTER 3C c2a5de6ba58f88711a85783e51b35f76e7c3d730.xls PAGE 1 OF 2 E3-44 It is interesting that as firm size increases, finance cost as a percentage of revenues falls, both for manufacturing firms and service firms. These results seem to indicate that some portion of finance costs are fixed while other parts are variable. This means that, no matter how large, firms have certain, unavoidable fixed finance costs. As firm size increases, these fixed costs decline as a percentage of total revenues, because the costs are fixed I would ask the researchers if they attempted to determine the proportion of total costs which are fixed in companies of various sizes. P3-51 Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured Beginning Direct materials inventory 18,000 Direct materials purchases 155,000 Direct materials available 173,000 Less: Ending Direct materials inventory 25,000 Direct materials used 148,000 Direct labor 487,000 Overhead 286,000 Total manufacturing cost 921,000 Plus: Beginning WIP inventory 23,000 Manufacturing cost to account for 944,000
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