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Unformatted text preview:Coming Ans : (a ) Theste Que f elements in the data set. Ans : (b) Theare aate 5 vouliables in the data set (c) Categorical : - State campus setting NCAA Division 0.5 - Quantitative & - Endowment 1 Applicants Admitted Q.4 The Financial Times / Hastalis Poll is a monthly Online poll of adults festom six countries in Europe and the united States. A January Poll. inculed 1015 adults in the united States One of the questions asked was , " How would you state the Fedestal Banks in handiling the credit problems in the Financial masikets ? " Possible Hesponges Were Excellent, Good , Faist, Bad and Texsible ( Hasisis Interactive website, Janvast 2008 ). ( a ) what was the sample size for this survey ! ( b ) Ame the data categostial on quantitative ( c ) would it make move sense to use avestages ou percentages as a summary OF the data for this question 9 ( d ) of the respondents in the united States 10 %, said the Fedesta Banis is doing a good job . How many individuals Provided this yesponse ?