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Unformatted text preview:te Camlinitop 021 07 22 * Tutorial - 1 Data ? Descriptive Statistics- ( Q. 1 The U. S. Department of Energy provides Fuel economy information four a vastity of motor Vehicles. A Sample of to automobiles is shown in Table 1 (Fuel Economy website , February 22, Roo8 ). Data Show the size of the automobile Crampact midsize, out layge ), the numbert of Cylinders in the engine , the city duliving miles Rest gallon the highway daliving miles pest gallon, and the stecommended Fuel (diesel , pate miur, OH stequlast ). (a ) How many elements are in this data set 9 (b) How many Vasiables Que in this data set (c) Which vasilables Que Categorical and which Vasiables One quantitative 9 ( d ) what data type of measustement scale is Used For each of the Variables ?