10-15politicalgeography - 10/15/07 Political Geography...

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Unformatted text preview: 10/15/07 Political Geography Notes Chapter 8 in a nutshell • Where are states o Problems of definition o Development of the state concept o Geopolitical theories • Why do boundaries cause problems o Shapes-this is mostly rubbish o Types o Boundaries inside of states- gerrymandering o Political fragmentation • Cooperation between states o Political, economic, military • Terrorism • Debate: username: geography password: rocks! • A state with authority over its territory and population has a. Centripetal forces b. Nationality-political identity c. Suffrage d. Sovereignty e. Ethnicity Assimilation • Both charter group and ethnic group are changed • Behavioral Assimilation: acquisition of language, norms and values of charter group • Structural Assimilation: diffusion of the ethnic group through social and occupational strata of charter group • Most research has assumed that assimilation is a good thing o Is assimilation good?...
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10-15politicalgeography - 10/15/07 Political Geography...

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