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Last 4 slides for Torts - Torts in the Business...

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Torts in the Business Environment: Unreasonably Dangerous Products:   a product  so defective as to threaten a consumer’s  health and safety either because: The product is dangerous beyond the expectation of the  ordinary consumer, or The manufacturer failed to provide an economically  feasible, less dangerous alternative. Claims that a product is unreasonably dangerous fall  into 3 categories: 1. Manufacturing flaw 2. Design defect 3. Inadequate warnings
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Torts in the Business Environment: 1. Manufacturing flaw: the manufacturer fails to  exercise due care in the manufacture,  assembly, or testing of the product; 2. Design defect: the product, even if  manufactured perfectly, is unreasonably  dangerous as designed (often because of  economic issues) and a less dangerous  alternative was available; and 3. Inadequate warnings: the product, even if  manufactured and designed perfectly, lacks  adequate warnings or instructions for the  consumer or end user.
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Last 4 slides for Torts - Torts in the Business...

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