geographynotes11-7 - • Services contribute over 2/3 What...

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Concepts to take home What is the tertiary sector? What are services? Why is the tertiary sector geographically significant? How is the tertiary sector affecting the nature of globalization? Tertiary Sector/ Services Sector: “Everything you can’t drop on your foot” -or- “Intangible goods” Distinctly separate from the primary (agriculture, fishing, mining) and secondary (manufacturing, construction) sectors. Type of Services Consumer Services: for individual consumers Business services: facilitate other businesses Public Services: security and protection for businesses and public Tertiary Sector/ Service Sector Is a component of economic theory Is a key geographic concept o Indicator of economic development Services as an Indicator of development 2/3 of the world’s population works in the primary sector
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Unformatted text preview: • Services contribute over 2/3 What might cause the hierarchy of Central Place Theory to change? • New technology • Population shifts • Regional difference in economic growth Globalization of Services • What is globalization? o Inherently geographic “a force or process that makes something worldwide in scope”-process of rescaling: • Increasing mobility of and decreasing distance between capital, people, and information Globalization of Services • General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)- a provision of the 1995 WWTO Agreement o The GATS covers “any service in any sector” • Imposes uniform rules over the entire realm of countries’ service sector domestic policies…...
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geographynotes11-7 - • Services contribute over 2/3 What...

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