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Unformatted text preview: What is Human Resource Management? Human Resource Management is the process of hiring, developing, motivating, and evaluating employees to achieve organizational goals. This is important because all companies need to succeed and they essentially need the best qualified employees to achieve this success. What Steps does Human Resource Management Include? Job analysis and design Employee recruitment Employee selection Human resource planning and forecasting Training and development Performance planning and evaluation Compensation and benefits Organizational Career Management: Employee Job Changes and disengagement. Job Analysis and Design Job analysis and design is defined as the study of the tasks required to do a job well. Typically the HR dept gathers information from department heads and managers to help prepare job descriptions to find the right people to hire for new jobs. Job Description/Job Qualification Job description is defined as the tasks and responsibilities that a job would include. Examples: Office Assistant Producing copy/print jobs Scheduling appointments Preparing/Editing documents Job Qualification is defined as the skills, knowledge, and abilities a person has to best fill a job. Examples: Office Assistant Excellent communication skills Knowledge of Microsoft Office Ability to work well on your own and strong organization skills Employee Selection Selection is the Steps of employee selection process of determining which 1. Initial screening persons in the 2. Employee testing applicant pool 3. Selection interview possess the 4. Background and qualifications reference check necessary to be 5. Physical exams successful on the job. 6. Decision to hire Training and development Involves learning situations in which the employee acquires additional knowledge or skills to increase job performance. Training Objectives Performance improvements Reduction in errors Job knowledge to be gained Positive organizational results Ways employers provide training and development Onthejob training: which allows for Training with guidance from a supervisor or Experienced coworker. Types of on the job training 1. Apprenticeship: combines specific on the job training with classroom training. 2. Mentoring: a senior manager or other experienced employee provides job and career related information to a protg. OffTheJob Training Vestibule Training: Programmed Instruction: When training that A self paced, highly takes place in a structured training facility called a method that presents trainees with concepts vestibule or a and problems using a training simulator. modular format. Performance appraisal is a comparison of the actual performance with the expected performance the organization wishes to achieve. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The manager sets standards and expectations The employee works to meet the standards The manager evaluates the employee's quality of work, knowledge of work, relationships with co workers, attendance, and personality. After evaluating the employee's actual performance. Manager determines if they should be rewarded or not. Rewards consist of promotions, raise, and new opportunities. Performance Planning: Setting standards and expectations Employee job task behavior Performance evaluation Performance Feedback Rewards and job changes Evaluation determines what kind of rewards and compensations an employee deserves. Managers use this data to give positive feed back to praise employees for their hard work in order for them to work harder in the future. If the employee's actual performance is poor, evaluation can determine if an employee should be terminated, demoted, or even given training to improve performance ...
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