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geographynotes11-28 - Geography Notes Dead Zone Remote...

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November 28, 2007 Geography Notes Dead Zone Remote Sensing: Collecting information about the earth from a distance, such as aerial photography and satellite imagery. Social impact in LDCs In Mexico Corn prices have dropped o Good for livestock and processed foods o Tortilla prices have not dropped because of monopolies o Small farmers have lost their farms Massive rural unemployment in Mexico Africa o Reluctant to accept “food aid” in the form of GMO crops CQ: Traditional agriculture is often: A. Easily adapted to incorporate mechanization B. Ill-suited for the local environment C. Sustainable under traditional circumstances D. Responsible for rain forest loss The global chicken Since WWII, 5 70 lbs per person/year Low-fat diets led to increased consumption of chicken US South is the world’s largest supplier of broilers 1980-2000, 500% increase in broiler trade, with US share from 22-46% (But China’s share is increasing also) 40% of exports are leg quarters We know more about chicken nutrition than human nutrition
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