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November 26, 2007 Geography Notes Notes from before break: Causes of Suburbanization There is a classic chicken-egg question for all of these: Cheap transportation (private automobile and free highways) Increased demand for new “modern” housing Cheap mass produced tract housing Homeowner tax deductions Federal insurance of some mortgages Exclusionary zoning Restrictive covenants School desegregation and other causes of “white flight” New industries locating on edge of cities after WWII Disinvestment in cities CQ: Zoning ordinances a) Prevent the mixing of land uses b) Encourage spatial segregation c) Are sometimes used to prevent low-income families from living in the suburbs d) All of the above CQ: Slash and burn farming is responsible for deforestation of the rain forest a) True b) False Swidden Swidden: from “burned clearing” Intercropping
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Shifting cultivation Female labor Little use of ranching Has been used for millennia
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geographynotes12-26agriculture - November 26, 2007...

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