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November 5, 2007 Geography Notes City Models Concentric Ring o Economic Rent Sector o History matters Multiple Nuclei o Cities don’t have just one center o Functional clusters Economic Models Land use is determined by which use can earn the most profit. o Lawyers will pay a lot for offices Key factor is the “willingness to pay” for accessibility, land and amenities. o Railroads, harbors o If a company is farther, they will have to pay their workers more to commute o Amenities School quality Location Close to work Zoning-the government says any industry that wants to can locate themselves in this area because it has been designated an industrial area History Mercantile city (pre 1840)
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Commerce and elites are central Early industrial city (-1880) o Commerce and industry are central o Free-for-all development Industrial city (-1920) o Large-scale industrialization o Generalized housing market Suburbanization (-today) o Automobile o Land use zoning o Subsidized home ownership o Mass-produced housing Polycentric Petropolis (1970-today) o Edge Cities- suburban hubs of shops and offices Urban Realms Model Our lives are mostly lived in one realm A economic model, not a social model Why are the poor centralized? Filtering and vacancy chains
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geographyurbanpatterns11-5 - November 5, 2007 Geography...

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