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Lecture 1: 1/17/08 *Ethics and morality - It’s part of our culture - Daily life - Institutions *The American Experience - The sophistication of the Native American culture - John Edwards- “city on a Hill” - Maryland, Roman Catholic - New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Lutherans - Madison, fought for freedom of conscious - Deism, believed in a Christian God - The Great Awakening - Family was important - A “man’s word” was also important - We turn to the Bible for answers - Read and took the Bible’s word literally - 1860- the Jewish faith arrived as people came over in large numbers from Eastern Europe and Brought a different perspective - JFK was an Irish Catholic. He had to explain that first and foremost he is an American Catholic to appeal to the general public. - Protestant Domination continued well into the 20 th century. - Major social movements were largely born out of religious communities. - White Western masculine system - Changes were happening quickly: War (began with WWI) Communication (technology improvements) The religious rights of certain people that was exploited before Science- medical science. “Dynamic” change How we define what it means to be human The way women were looked upon Human sexuality Technology Lecture 2: 1/22/08 *Universal Principles - (Objective) something we can all agree on it so we can all talk about it. *Ethics- - Outcome matters in ethics. - The action you take also matters. - Motive/intention matters in ethics. - History/habit/character all matter in ethics. * Outcome:
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- We need a way to measure outcome - Happiness or pleasure is a good outcome. - Utilitarianism *Process: - Emanuel Kant - Want a universal way of judging actions or processes as good or bad. - Our judgments should apply to everyone. -
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class_notes_(140) - Lecture 1*Ethics and morality It's part...

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