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February 27, 2008 - Old covenant Tell people what NOT to do...

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Jesus of Nazareth Gives speech- later known as Beattitudes Who is in the audience? His disciples, lower class of society, Judiah, Norhthern Israel Taught his disciples with what is the Beattitudes “Ye are the salt of the earth” Salt- valuble, preserves Upperclass- spoiled Attitude toward torah- “Think not I have come to abolish the law and prophets;” “I have come not to abolish them, but to fulfill them” Pharacies know law well, know loop holes, just because something isn’t against the law does not make it right. Believed that the Pharacies are not Embodying the law like they should. How the old covenant different from the new one.
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Unformatted text preview: Old covenant- Tell people what NOT to do, if law are broken, people will be punished. New covenant- Tells people what TO do, offers forgiveness, redemption, and rewards for those who follow the law with heaven. With old covenant people were punished on earth, like when the Asearians took over. In the new covenant, the reward is not on earth but in heaven. Jesus’ attitude towards materialism- tells people not to waste their time being materialistic, as everyone dies and you cannot bring riches into heaven. Values- compassion, forgiveness, honesty, humility, sincerity...
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