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March 5, 2008 - Muslims must pray 5 times as day all men...

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Golden age of Islam Mohammad- founder of Islam followers conquered those conquered allowed to follow their own religion two books Koran Hadee? Seeking knowledge is important for muslims- saw the world as God's creation the only literates belonged to the church, as the only  literature available was religious text. Madres- reigious schools, learned math, medicine, astronomy,  in framework of koran 9th century two main capitals Bahgdad and one in Spain libraries in both capitals Baghdad 40,000 volumes of texts Cairo- 40 room library, each room contains 1,000 texts 10th century Alizar- Oldest University 900 public baths, 400,000 volumes in the libraries obtained products from China- paper also obtained silk, gun powder, drugs, spices, cotton, sugar  cane, oranges, lemon, etc built Mosques for prayer Prohibition against imagery with figures, figures seen as 
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Unformatted text preview: Muslims must pray 5 times as day, all men must go to Mosque on fridays- because of this some Mosques have courtyard the size of a football field. Arab scholors copied Greek texts Euclid, Elements- mathmatics book- geometry, theories 8th century- Idm Sina- The Camor- Encyclopedia mathmatical trias? al-jabbar- arabic for algebra music was considered a branch of mathematics Muslims also interested in Astronomy- needed to calculate right time for prayer developed Astrolabe to tell time, location, etc complicated device Constallations Sundial all had a goal of having good health created medical institutions Book written on small pox and measels Camor- encyclopedia, covered anatomy hygene, medicine, etc Baghdad- 9 hospitals, open to everyone other inventions included: waterclock, waterpump, water fountains...
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March 5, 2008 - Muslims must pray 5 times as day all men...

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