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March 27, 2008 (recitation)

March 27, 2008 (recitation) - British 1918-1948 British...

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Jerusalem Home of Judism, Christianity, and Islam Canan- Cananite David 950 BC- Conquers Jerusalem 587 BC- Babylonians conquered Jerusalem sacked the city destroyed temple sent Jews into exile 50 years of exile until Persians took over believed in freedom of religion 323 Alexander the Great takes Persian world, live in Hellenistic world Judiah- Roman Provance Pontious Pilot- governor of Judiah Revolt against Rome Rome crushes revolt and destroys temple and city Emporer sick of revolts and sends Jews into exile after crushing their revolts Roman Empire became Christian Byzantine Empire- Christian Rule Pushed Out by Arabs Crusades Arabs/Ottoman
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Unformatted text preview: British 1918-1948 British 1948- Present- Israel Zionism-British- have land to United Nations UN- Gave part of land to Jews, part to Arabs Arabs attacked Israel, loses several wars against them Abraham- told to sacrafice baby Temple of Soloman- described it in bible Phenecians built it Second Temple- under Persian rule Jews waiting for the day they’ll get back into Jerusalem Dome of the Rock Al oxa Mosque 1125- 12th century Temple Whaling Wall Jesus was arrested, sentenced to death Juda (sp?) sells him out New gates are built as city expanded Path Jesus walked- Via delerose Dome of the Rock...
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