lecture18 - Security and the File System File System...

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Security and the File System File System Security The problem addressed by the security system is howare information and resources protected from people. Issues include the contents of data files which are a privacy issus, and the use of resources, which is an accounting issue. Security must pervade the system, or the system is insecure, but the file system is a particularly good place to discuss security because its protection mechanisms are visible, and the things it protects are very concrete (for a computer system). We’retalking about some interesting stuffwhen we talk about security .For certain people who like puzzles, finding loopholes in security systems and understanding them to the point of breaking them is a challenge. I understand the lure of this. Remember ,howev er, that everyone using these machines is a stu- dent likeyourself who deserves the same respect that you do. Breaking into another person’sfiles is like breaking into their home, and should not be taken lightly either by those breaking in, or those who catch them. Uninvited intrusions should be dealt with harshly (for example, it’safelonytobreak into a machine that stores medical records). If you really want to play around with UNIX®security ,get yourself a linux box and play to your heart’scontent; don’tbreak into someone’saccount here and start deleting files. Policies and Mechanisms Policies are real world statements about the protection that the system provides. These are all state- ments of (significantly different) policies: Users should not be able to read each other’smail No student should be able to see answer keysbefore theyare made public All users should have access to all data. The various systems in a computer system that control access to resources are the mechanisms that
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lecture18 - Security and the File System File System...

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