japanese occupations

japanese occupations - accountant army general banker...

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Unformatted text preview: accountant army general banker business owner cashier/shop clerk/shop keeper chef computer engineer dentist electronic engineer engineer fire fighter homemaker investor lawyer mechanicsc car/air plane nurse owner of academics owner of company /CEO photographer police officer post office worker public servant real estate agent seamstress secretary social worker surgeon, physician, doctor taxi driver teacher/instructor technician truck driver, trucker doing his/her business house wife office worker public servant (government office) ' * Ҭ T * ' ' * (X \ * Ҭ c (c (only female) ~ `' * T* ~0 president of the company ' * X\ * X\ * ' * ~ `'* T * ~0 Ҭ '* X\* ~` ' * T * ~0 ...
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