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Budda aka Sedartha

Budda aka Sedartha - Tolerance love of nature Seeks Nirvana...

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Budda aka Sedartha 543-643 (80 years old) Was a prince from a wealthy family in Northern India Married at age of 16. Had a child. Decided to go outside his estate at the age of 29. Visited a poor area, when he sees the poor people and their living conditions he is in awe. Meditates Hecedics- group of people who gave up everything and meditates Budda does this and is unsuccessful. Recognizes that the world consists of ignorance and egoism Rejects dharma, Hinduism.
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Unformatted text preview: Tolerance, love of nature Seeks Nirvana and enlightenment Pipal tree Bodhi 49 days of meditation, became enlightened. “Only you can achieve Nirvana” by following the 8 fold path 8 Fold path: Belief, aspiration, speech, con, endeavor, mindfulness, meditation, conduct What can crush you? “Your own mischief” You are responsible for yourself by not following the 8 fold paths Choices- Mastering your thoughts. Self control is vital....
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