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Classical Antiquity

Classical Antiquity - World Civ 111 By taking a look into...

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World Civ. 111 By taking a look into the United State’s Constitution and Declaration of Independence, it is evident that the Founding Fathers have modeled today’s government and law around that of the Classical Antiquity era. America uses Stoicism by incorporating the idea of Natural Law into the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Jefferson has been credited for incorporating John Locke’s philosophy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the inalienable rights. The concept of separation of power stems back to Roman’s sophisticated government system. The idea of checks and balances in the Constitution can be credited to the Roman Republic’s system of balance of interests. The powers of the President are similar to those of it’s Roman counterpart. The framers set up a democratic government in which the people had the power of electing officials. The idea of democracy originated in Athens. Athens was one of the first known Democracies in recorded history. It is no coincidence the government systems of these countries have so much in common. The Law of Nature played a major part of the Declaration of Independence. This law derived from Stoicism in the Hellenistic world. By around 200 BC, Zeno founded a school of thought known as Stoicism. Followers believed people would be happy when living in accordance with nature. They believed that people should follow politics without changing the political order. Life was judged by how morals, as opposed to accomplishments. Stoics as well
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as John Locke and the Founding Fathers believed all people are governed under one natural law. America used this concept in forming the Constitution. Natural, civil, and common laws developed into what was known as natural rights. These are referred to numerous times in Declaration of Independence as the unalienable rights of men. The framers of the constitution created institutions to uphold and protect the “natural rights” that people have. The laws in the Constitution were created for the greater good. T he purpose of written law was that America had way to protect individuals from one another and from the power of the state. Like Stoics, framers of the Constitution did not believe those who accomplished more or those of a higher class are superior to others. The
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Classical Antiquity - World Civ 111 By taking a look into...

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