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History 103 – Year End Review The following questions have been taken from old final exams, and cover a sampling of the 3 different parts of the test. Section A – On the exam you will have only 1 choice in this section. 1. “Till the world comes to an end, the ultimate decision will rest with the sword.” –Kaiser Wilhelm II Account for those diplomatic and strategic interests of international relations that made the use of force inevitable and/or necessary in defending the European states system and international order with at least one example from the first term and one example from the second term. 2. “’Balance of power’ means only this – that a number of weaker states may unite to prevent a stronger one from acquiring a power which should be dangerous to them…it is the doctrine of self-preservation.” (Lord Palmerston addressing the British Parliament in 1854) Analyze how this “doctrine of self-preservation” influenced the course of at least TWO major international conflicts during the period 1648-1945. Section B – This covers the first term, 1648-1815; you will have lots of choices in this
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History_103_�_Year_End_Review - History 103 Year End...

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