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CISP 320 Notes 9-4-07 Average IQ - 100 Mentally Retarded - 70 or below IQ - measures Mental Age IEP - Individual Education Plan IEP components: A. Must be reviewed at least 1 time per year. B. Must do a complete re-evaluation every 3 years (ie. Tri-annual Review). C. Federal Law does NOT regulate the formula in which an IEP is written. D. Present Levels of Educational Performance E. Parents Must consent to initial evaluation/1st placement ONLY F. IEP SECTION BREAKDOWN: 1) The Key Objectives of an IEP: -is to explain why the child needs services/it includes both deficits and strengths of the child/it also contains info gathered through observations,interviews with ppl who know the child,parents,doctors,and testing. 2) Annual Goals of the IEP: -General statements about what you want to accomplish for the year. Decipher what the annual goals will be by evaluating the childs present levels. -Behavioral Objectives are the specific steps planned out for the child to work towards their annual goal. 3) Transition Planning: -Start No later than 16 years old -child can stay in school until 21yrs old if need be 4) Special Education/Related Services: -Defines types of services needed in all areas -Related Services-speech and hearing therapy/occupational therapy -Basically lists modifications being made to the childs program 5) -Amount and Type of integration -Initiation of Services -Duration of Services
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  • Mental retardation, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Individualized Education Program, Education Plan IEP, F. IEP SECTION

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cisp notes - CISP 320 Notes Average IQ 100 Mentally...

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