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Art paper #2 - Sarah Dennison Art 112 Writing Assignment#2...

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Sarah Dennison Art 112 Writing Assignment #2 Andrea Anderson December 3, 2007 The piece of artwork that I chose is entitled "Self Portrait" by April Deacon. The piece is oil on canvas and shows her in a kitchen holding a little girl presumably her daughter. The piece is a two dimensional representation in attempt to show the subtle symbols of the artists roles in her life as a mother, teacher, artist, and/or student. The background information provided by the artist herself states that in addition to her intention to show her many roles as a human being, she also states that she is attempting to link the seen and the unseen by using the abstractions made clear in her
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simple, everyday objects found in her immediate environment. The piece is on canvas and is six feet across and approximatley three feet tall and is beautiful. As stated previously, it pictures a woman holding a little girl in her arms standing in front of a kitchen window where a sink sets below. To the woman's right is a pair of almost neon-orange and pinkish colored cabinets. Below them sets a quartet of cooking jars in the corner colored in a dark greenish blue. The wall behind them are lighter variations of the color on the jars, colored in a teal green and a teal blue working upward in darkness to the fuscia neon-like colored cabinets outlined in a white that echoes what comes in the other half of the painting. Moving to the right the woman in the picture or the artist, is
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Art paper #2 - Sarah Dennison Art 112 Writing Assignment#2...

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